Merlin: The Death Song Of Uther Pendragon – Spoiler-Free Preview!

This week in Merlin, after the big action-packed opener last week, they are following it up with the return of Uther Pendragon! But how? Why? And what will he be doing?

The BBC banned me from telling you any of those things. But nonetheless, here is a brief tease for tomorrow’s episode.

First and foremost, no, it's not a lie: Anthony Head is in this episode. And irrespective of the what, why and wherefore of his return, it’s great to see him again. He brings an intensity to his part that the younger actors don't always manage, not to mention the big question: what does he think of Arthur's attempts to rule Camelot?

It's a fairly constrained episode, presumably all the budget went on last week's adventure. So except for one outdoor sequence, we're mostly back inside the castle for an exploration of Arthur's evolving mindset. There are interesting developments in his relationships with both his father and Merlin, and the emotional scenes work for the most part.

In fact, for a mid-series Merlin episode, this was rather good. Big Morgana or Gwen fans might be disappointed by how little they get to do, but aside from that, there's enough nods to the old days and genuine plot progression to keep fans interested and avert the sense of filler you often get with this show. Look forward to seeing more.

More Merlin on the BBC official Merlin site, and you can also catch up with series premiere Arthur’s Bane on iPlayer.

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