Merlin Finale: The Diamond of the Day - Part Two - Spoiler-Free Preview!

So, you've all seen the penultimate episode of Merlin now, right? Well, not trying to trump you or anything, but we've seen the finale! The fighting! The beards! The fraught conversations! The fatalities!

Of course, the BBC spoiler warnings on this preview are hardcore, so I can't really say much. In fact, my voice has been so restricted that I'm going to preview it in the form of a few obtuse haikus - but first, a picture of Morgana, who doesn't seem to like short Japanese poetry.

Years of magic
end in one hour - will a
dragon eat them all?

Will Merlin have time
to confess his magic or
his love for his boss?

Could one episode
ever contain an ending
to brave Camelot?

No, not really, but
nonetheless, the brave men
shall never give in.

At least, they say, Gwen
finally gets a role and
the last scene was cool.

So do not lose heart,
For the love of Camelot!
Lives on DVD.

The finale of Merlin airs on Christmas Eve BBC One at 8:15PM, more info on the BBC Official site, including the chance to watch previous episodes on iPlayer. Feed the world!

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