Merlin: Another's Sorrow – Spoiler Free Preview!

Another week, another Merlin, and we're well into mid-series by now. And you know what that means: running around, guest stars and ageing spells! But will there be a twist in the formula?

Well, this is a spoiler-free preview, so you won't be finding out, but read on for vague opinion and hinting!

If you're a viewer who likes to fully understand the subtleties of Merlin, you may want to re-watch your DVD boxsets (literally all of them) before this episode, as there are past continuity references that had me scratching my head and saying “Oh yeah, did that happen?”, and I'm a seasoned reviewer who's seen the whole damn thing.

In particular, guest character Princess Mithian from last year returns, along with her father and a villain from the past. Not to mention Morgana, whose stabbing in the second episode has not dampened her enthusiasm for smirking and goth haircuts.

Anyway, this has all the hallmarks of mid-season Merlin, but with the usual bromance banter snippits and fighty fights that make it bearable, and no-one acts like a demonstrable moron to further the plot. So not a bad week: do your homework and look forward to it.

More Merlin information available on the BBC official site, and the last few episodes are available on iPlayer.

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