Doctor Who The Woman Who Lived Preview

Catherine Tregenna's first contribution to Doctor Who continues the excellent trend set by the rest of series nine, serving as both a sequel to The Girl Who Died and - like that adventure - a self contained adventure in its own right. In both, it works.

While still retaining the fun of last Saturday's episode, it is also a much deeper, emotive tale too with Maisie Williams playing a noticeably different version of Ashildr. Older, immortal and having gone through centuries of watching those she love die around her, gone is the innocent, subdued girl we first saw in the Viking village.

Pete Capaldi and Maisie Williams prove to be a fascinating double act; if you thought the scenes between the Doctor and Ashildr were great last time round, you haven't seen anything yet. They carry the whole episode on their shoulders. There are also some great sequences, particularly the hilarious opening (Capaldi's penchant for comedy never fails to amaze), a baddie that kids will love and a suitably dramatic finale. It is also lovely to get another historical tale; Doctor Who does this best and the tale of rogue highwaymen is far removed from Vikings versus robots so that nothing feels repeated.

I won't say more for fear of spoiling, but guarantee that if you have loved every bit of series nine so far, there is nothing this Saturday that will change your mind.

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