Doctor Who: Spoiler Free Preview For World Enough And Time

From the opening seconds of World Enough and Time our expectations are flipped on their head. While we know the Christmas special will be Peter Capaldi's last appearance as the Doctor it doesn't stop Steven Moffatt from pulling out all the stops (and the rugs from under us).

Even before the series started we knew Twelve would come up against the original Mondasian Cybermen - and in some ways it would have been lovely to keep that surprise until the episode was broadcast, but tabloids stories and the promotion juggernaut put paid to that. Likewise, it's also a massive shame that John Simm's return as The Master was telegraphed from the first series trailer. Both of these events would have been much more powerful as a result. That's not to say we're disappointed with what we do get, but the reveal of both could have been earth-shattering if they were a complete surprise.

Peter Capaldi's Doctor comes face to face with a post-conversion Bill Potts.

World Enough and Time is probably the creepiest episode of the series so far - and that is saying something when we've had spooky puddle girls and space zombies as competition, but Rachael Talalay's direction coupled with wonderfully retro set designs combine to give us an aesthetic that feels like it's directly out of an old horror movie.

I'm going to leave this preview here - there are so many wonderful moments that I want you to see first hand and even without watching the conclusion I'm confident in placing this episode right at the top of the tree for Capaldi's Doctor alongside last year's Heaven Sent.

Peter - we're going to miss you.


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