Doctor Who: Spoiler free preview for Oxygen

In Peter Capaldi's debut series, there was one new writer that certainly made his mark and that was Jamie Mathieson; he delivered the scares in Mummy On The Orient Express and the chills in Flatline and he delves right back to his horror roots after his fun series nine forray into alien vikings in 2015's The Girl Who Died.

I'm going out on a limb here; not only is Oxygen the best episode of series ten by a mile (and that's with some tough competition), it's also Mathieson's best episode too.

Like the Foretold in Mummy On The Orient Express, the zombies of this episode push family viewing to its limits; it's big on the scares and it will probably be too much for younger viewers. But the space station setting, shot brilliantly by director Charles Palmer, is a perfect opportunity to tell a classic 'base under siege' storyline and the claustrophobia and tension will keep viewers on the edge of their seats this Saturday night.

There's plenty I can't even talk about for fear of spoilers - there'll be plenty to discuss come my full review on Saturday night, but I will take the time to mention how wonderful Matt Lucas's Nardole is this episode. As someone who was irritated by him in his debut, I grew to love everything about him this week and it was great to see him in the thick of the action with Bill and the Doctor.

Doctor Who season 10 has been teetering on delivering a classic and I think this episode, it achieves that. I just can't wait for everyone else to experience it too.

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