Doctor Who spoiler-free preview for Hell Bent

I almost didn't write a preview this week. There is so much happening in Hell Bent, the series nine finale of Doctor Who, that talking about any of it is bordering of spoilery. The one thing I will tell you is prepared to expect the unexpected.

I think everyone has a bit of an idea of where the final is heading after the stunning Heaven Sent. The return of Gallifrey, the resolution of the hybrid mystery; both play a huge role and like The Zygon Inversion it serves as a sequel to the 50th anniversary special Day Of The Doctor.

Mostly though, this is Steven Moffat really having fun with the premise of the show. According to the showrunner, he expected the 2015 Christmas special (revealed as The Husbands Of River Song) to be his last and you get the feeling that this could have been his swansong. There is a resolution to a number of themes he has been juggling all the way back to the Matt Smith era. Remember how much was in Russel T Davies' Journey's End? There's a similar feeling here; a lot packed into those 65 minutes.

It is big, it is epic and it makes the huge series opener (that felt like a series finale) The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar seem small in comparison. Fans won't be disappointed. Or perhaps they will be. The thing about Hell Bent is that it will be incredibly decisive.

Join us on Saturday for the final review of the series (at least until Christmas). It is sure to set the internet alight!

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