Doctor Who Preview For The Zygon Invasion

After last Saturday's very insular tale of Ashildir and the Doctor, this week's Doctor Who goes global. Peter Harness, writer of last series' excellent Kill The Moon has served up a story that picks up from the Zygon peace treaty forced upon Kate Stewart and UNIT at the end of Day Of The Doctor.

The Zygon Invasion is a bit of a slow burn at times, with the big action moments sure to come in the concluding The Zygon Inversion but it does a great job of raising the stakes, building a suspenseful thriller and ending with another ballsy cliff-hanger. One of the best things about series nine of Doctor Who is the weekly 'To Be Continued...' and this is one of the best.

I don't want to say more for fear of spoiling the episode so I'll pick out a few of the big themes that are sure to impress viewers. The Zygons ability to mimic humans is well realised, particularly a scene between UNIT and disguised Zygons outside a church and the return of Osgood is deftly played, using her 'death' in Dark Water as a key development in the plot rather than trying to circumvent it.

My only issue - and it is a small gripe - is that it isn't scary enough. For the first time we have Doctor Who on at Halloween and despite the potential for body snatching chills, it really isn't that kind of episode. I wonder if Under The Lake would have been more appropriate?

Regardless of full use of the terror factor, The Zygon Invasion is another great episode and makes full use of the Zygons. I think more than any other first parter this series, its success will rest on the concluding tale; it feels more like a first part than The Magician's Apprentice or Under The Lake but it still proves that series nine is the best series since the show returned in 2005. The second golden age of Doctor Who? I think it might be upon us!

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