Doctor Who Dark Water Preview: Series Starts Its Send Off In Style

This week the finale begins. After an incredibly strong run of episodes, a dark ruthless Doctor, a fully-developed companion in Clara, her new romance with Danny Pink and hints of Missy and the Promised Land, it all comes to a head with Moffat's closing two-parter Dark Water and Death In Heaven. The trailer last week promised great things and great things are what we're going to get.

There are plenty of revelations, plenty of drama and Peter Capaldi is at his best yet. There's a lot of secrecy surrounding this episode, so much that two key scenes were omitted from the BBC preview episode so I'm as clueless as the rest of you on a couple of points. Interestingly too, some of the scenes alluded to in that trailer did not take place in Dark Water, suggesting there's plenty of revelations still to come in Death In Heaven.

But what I did see was brilliant. It's been a long time since we had a two-parter and this is very much in the vein of Moffat's series five finale The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang. Everything starts coming together - in a way that blindsides the audience - you probably won't see the first big twist coming. And when the Doctor and Clara finally start to encounter Missy and The Promised Land, events build and build to the moment all hell breaks loose.

Given the episode's proximity to Halloween, the episode is suitably creepy too - not Mummy On The Orient Express creepy, but close enough. Remember the zombie Cyberman in The Pandorica Opens or the Silence in the water tombs in The Wedding Of River Song? Without giving something away, its on that vein that the episode works. There is also a revelation that would work equally well in a horror movie.

In fact there's not much I can say without giving anything away. Some answers I will find out in Saturday too - its sure to be one of the big burning questions that have been running through season eight - but there's plenty to enjoy. Not to mention an iconic scene from 1968 recreated for modern audiences.

Doctor Who is almost over but its been one hell of a run and Saturday looks set to start that send off in style!

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