Being Human: A Spectre Calls – Spoiler Free Preview!

This week on Being Human, the threat of... a houseguest. Yes, it’s the one glimpsed at the end of last week’s episode, stepping back through a doorway to the other side. So who is he? What does he want?

Unfortunately, it says “spoiler free preview” up top, so I’m clearly not going to tell you, but scroll down for some vague opinions.

Avid readers of these pieces may have spotted that I find Annie a bit annoying due to her recurring stupidity. And for anyone who had managed to miss it, allow me to make it explicit: I often find myself wanting to exorcise Annie with a huge extractor fan.

But it has to be said, she’s not alone this week. All three main characters, to various extents, are acting like hysterical chumps to service the plot. I can’t really rant about this more without dropping a high-grade spoiler bomb, but if you‘re annoyed by contrivance, this episode of Being Human may cause your brain to start gently oozing from orifices.

If you can overlook that, there are good scenes and characterisation, and I am still enjoying the new dynamic, especially between Hal and Tom. So far, I’m even finding Hal a more endearing vampire lead than poor dead Mitchell, so well done Damien Malony.

And if you find Tom’s hard man/soft centre split endearing, you could “aww” yourself to death during this episode. You have been warned.

So not an awful episode of Being Human, there’s material here to enjoy, but the plot joining it all together is just thin and papery. Worth watching if you’ve been enjoying the series so far, though.

Being Human airs on Sunday at 9PM on BBC Three. See the official BBC site for more information.

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