Being Human: 5.04 - The Greater Good - Spoiler-Free Preview!

The second half of the last series! Being Human is now only three episodes from Being Over, and we've seen the next one. Wasn't Sunday's episode good? Didn't the final twist bring everything tighter together with real class?

Time for our spoiler-free preview of the next one - Tom is once again bonding with another werewolf, but this time he's the winner. And meanwhile, Hal's struggle with his dark side isn't helped when Crumb pops back up.


  1. After taking a break last week, series baddies Rook, Crumb and Captain Hatch are back in force this week. Well, Rook wasn't always evil, but it appears his struggles with that thinly-veiled Tory minister are driving him towards the edge.
  2. Tom encounters yet another new werewolf, and this time they have room in the budget for a transformation sequence and some emotional scenes.
  3. Fans of Angel's struggle with his evil self over in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel might enjoy Hal's issues here.
  4. The looming question of "Why doesn't Hal just kill Crumb?" is still there, but they finally throw in some complications to stave it off.
  5. Still, a decent episode to raise the stakes, falls a little short of amazing, but it's definitely another big step towards the climax. Which is only two more away! Dammit.
Being Human airs Sundays at 10PM on BBC Three. Check out the official BBC Being Human site, and catch up with recent episodes on iPlayer. Is Evil Hal called "Halus"?

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