Being Human: 5.03 - Pie & Prejudice - Spoiler-Free Preview!

Since last I previewed Being Human, we've had the slightly grim news that the series is concluding at the end of the current run. So having seen the third episode, I'm halfway through the final year. Considering how much I've been enjoying the new cast, this feels like a shame.

Nonetheless, my preview schedule waits for no man (well, except me), and we still have the remaining episodes to look forward to. So, did watching this third episode make me feel better about the show ending?


  1. Not much satanic Phil Davis this week, but we get replacement guest stars in the form of Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh and Amanda Hale (currently Matthew Macfadyen's wife in Ripper Street). They're both good, especially Barratt.
  2. Poor comic-relief hotel manager Patsy doesn't get quite the mournful send-off she might have hoped for.
  3. All three leads are well-utilised this week, which is good to see. Often at least one of them (and it has to be said, usually Michael Socha's Tom) gets fairly little to do.)
  4. There's elements here that remind me of last year's episode A Spectre Calls, but happily Pie And Prejudice works much better - that episode was a tad messy.
  5. Many of the "arc" elements - Satan, Crumb and Rook - aren't front and centre, but with only a few outings left ever in this show, we could use a down-time week. And regardless, don't write this episode off as "filler" just because the Devil isn't in it.
  6. A good week, in fact, keeping up the high quality of the fifth and final series to date. It's going to be even harder saying goodbye to Being Human if they persist in producing quality television, dammit.
Being Human airs Sundays at 10PM on BBC Three. Check out the official BBC Being Human site, and catch up with the first episode on iPlayer. Come on BBC, give us a series six.

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