Being Human: 5.02 - Sticks And Rope - Spoiler Free Preview!

They're back, and already it's like they never left. The first episode of Being Human series five has aired, and what did you all think? Did it make you hate old people? And isn't Alex fitting in well?

Anyway, I'm not really here to talk about the past, it's time to press on. We've seen the second episode of the series - Sticks And Rope - and it's time for another spoiler-free preview. Although, just to be clear, we may spoil the villain reveal from the end of episode one a little.


  1. After last week's jam-packed kick-off, the second episode slows things down and gives new ghost Alex a few moments to shine - the first of many, by the look of things, and she's pretty good. As ever, the disclaimer for this is that I found Annie quite annoying, but Alex hasn't yet inherited her needless idiocy and constant screaming for help. Well, maybe once. Still, good start.

  2. And it's hard to forget our big villain - yes, while Derek is encouraging us to love old people, Being Human tells us they are Satan. And after three years of different Big Vampires, bringing out the Devil seems progress. Plus he's on good satanic form this week, Phil Davis plays creepy with a sneer that rots your teeth, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much further he can take it.

  3. Tom and Hal mostly relegated to smaller comedy business this week, but their competitive banter and class struggles are always some of the best parts of the show, so it's hard to really complain.

  4. As I say, this is very much a regular-strength episode rather than a super-packed debut, so it's hard to say as much without giving things away. It's a good one though, balancing genuinely scary horror moments with humour, including surprisingly OTT slapstick. I enjoyed it, hopefully you will too.

  5. It may even feature a non-annoying child ghost. I know, I was surprised too.

Being Human airs Sundays at 10PM on BBC Three. Check out the official BBC Being Human site, and catch up with the first episode on iPlayer. Beware the greasy cardigan of Satan.

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