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The polls are in, the results written down, and the podcast recorded - Just what were the shows our readers and writers most enjoyed this year & what where the greatest triumphs and disasters of 2013?Also available on: iTunes | stitcher

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As the chirpy music bludgeoning anyone who sets foot inside a shopping centre this month is reminding us: Tis the season to be jolly! But if you're a bit of a Christmas Grinch like our editor John White, December is perhaps more importantly the month where critics, cineastes and tellyphiles alike get to soak in and reflect on the year in entertainment that has passed before them. Our plan of attack this year was to run individual polls in both the Film and TV sections of the site so we could post an article to each section and record a special "End of year" Podcast to accompany both polls. Here pod host Rob Bayley is joined by myself, contributor Nick Bryan and the cat with the hat himself.

In order to explain how we arranged this year's poll, I feel obliged to do a deeply respectful homage to those wonderful "Christmas with Heston" Waitrose ads, which are (if anything) a lovely seasonal treat and not at all insufferably pretentious!

This Christmas at The Digital Fix: The story of the 2013 TV Poll (Cue the narrator and twangy guitars, then cut to lingering slow-mo shots of John doing his best Blumenthal impression):

  • Take one TV critic and get him to conjure up a shortlist of award categories for people to vote on.

  • Force him to go online across two forums and run separate polls (one for TDF contributors, one for the members of our public forum) to gauge the favourite programmes of 2013 of the "readers" and "writers" of the TDF network.

  • Tabulate the results and invite fellow TDF critics to chew the fat in a magical festive podcast.

  • Delegate the writing of the final article to someone else while you put your feet up and enjoy a mince pie... NOT from Waitrose and no hidden bleedin' oranges!

(Fade out with a romantic snowy shot of John locking up the TDF headquarters before booting a 10yr old carol singer in the head...)

That was our methodology, so here are the categories and the results:

Normal Font = TDF Writers results
Blue Font = TDF Readers results

Best British Drama
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor
Utopia (Broadchurch a very, very close 2nd)

Best British Comedy
Fresh Meat / Toast of London
Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe

Best International Drama
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

Best International Comedy
Parks and Recreation / Veep
Brooklyn Nine Nine / Family Guy / Modern Family / Veep

Dead Horse award for Programme Most Needing to Die
Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Never Mind the Buzzcocks

OK so we didn't really push the boat out this year with the number of categories, but I think we covered the fundamental areas of best drama and comedy both here in the UK and abroad. As you can see Breaking Bad pretty much swept the board in the drama category thanks to a superbly developed and fully satisfying finale, proving that only the best shows get out early while panel shows like Never Mind the Buzzcocks just run and run until they are firmly wedged in their own "comedy" orifice! When it came to comedy I think we have firmly proved that no-one can agree on anything really, but Veep did manage to come joint first in both polls so I guess we can declare that the overall winner!

If you're looking for a more comprehensive overview of the year's television then make sure you check out our 2013 TV Podcast, where we'll be discussing the results of the polls and offering our own personal favourites whilst also looking at the best new series to hit our airwaves this year (including the rise of imported Scandinavian thrillers here in the UK) and the shows that finally left us (with much to say about the triumphant conclusions of both Breaking Bad and Burn Notice, and the disastrous finale of Dexter). We also find time to vent our disappointment about this year's big Red John reveal and express our admiration for Game of Thrones and Doctor Who (bet you've never heard that before on this site!) - Oh and The Walking Dead will also be discussed, but let's face it: Season 4 has been pretty crap so far!

As usual we'll leave you with some trailers. Here are some of the winners of the 2013 TV Poll:

Breaking Bad Season 5

Veep Season 2


Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

As always we hope you'll get in touch with us in the comments section if you feel like chiming in on the subject at hand!

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