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US writer's strike agreed by the WGA

Remember back in 2007 when the writers strike left audiences with shortened seasons of their favourite US shows? Well it looks like it is going to happen again. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has announced that the next strike over pay, due to take place on the 2nd May, has been approved its members.

In 2007 it lasted 100 days and writers lost more than $287 million in compensation that was never recovered. Many deals were cancelled and the majority of network shows found their episode orders cut. A few great shows like Journeyman didn't even survive the strike.

Deadline confirmed today that the strike was approved was approved by 96.3% of the 6,310 writers who cast ballots, according to the WGA, a record 67.5% of eligible WGA members. Though Deadline has also confirmed that the strike can still be avoided if the WGA and management’s Alliance Of Motion Picture & Television Producers can work out a deal this week.

If the strike goes ahead it means that a number of big US shows might face delays and shortened episode orders. Of course, the reasons for striking are most valid and should be supported, however frustrating it might be to viewers.

More news as we have it.

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