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US TV news! How I Met Your Mother & Walking Dead renewed - with a catch!

Two major US shows announced their renewals for further seasons today. The Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother will indeed be returning for fourth and ninth seasons respectively, but there's a little behind the gossip for each one.

Read on to find out how internet reviewers will be framing their complaining in 2013!

The Walking Dead is renewed for a fourth year, which shouldn't be a surprise after the third year stormed cable ratings records and got great reviews from all kinds of people, including this very website.

But there is a little catch: as reported by Deadline, showrunner Glen Mazzara will not be returning to the show for year four, after taking over from outgoing Frank Darabont during season two and seemingly turning the whole thing around. The reason for his departure is cited as "a difference of opinion about where the show should go moving forward". This is obviously a shame.

Other TV producers have criticised network AMC for this decision, not the first example of the channel having fraught relations with its high-level creatives. Good job Vince Gilligan is finishing Breaking Bad before he too was forced to quit, really.

How I Met Your Mother, meanwhile, the most rambling anecdote in the history of man, has been renewed for a ridiculous ninth year. I've genuinely enjoyed that show a lot in the past, but oh god, please end. Recent episode have been often-ropey, but I'd still love to see them pull everything together into a great ending.

And star Jason Segal, with his burgeoning film career in movies like The Muppets, might agree with me, since he nearly didn't come back. That would really have terminated the whole venture, but as Deadline report, he's now changed his mind. The up-side here is that if they know one or two cast members want to leg it, they might finally finish up. The ninth year might be it.

So, how do you feel about this news? Does the world need more Walking Dead and HIMYM? Does the loss of Mazzara and wavering of Segal affect your feelings about this?

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