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US TV news-fest! Renewals, cancellations and new shows!

'Tis the season to plan next season! The US TV networks - the ones that aren't trendy cable channels like Showtime, AMC and HBO - are just announcing their new series, renewals and cancellations for the 2013-14 age, so what's dead, what survives and what new shows will we be talking about in six months time?

We've picked out a few of the announcements which caught our eye - already covered, of couse is the full season order for Marvel and Joss Whedon's Agents of SHIELD - what else they got?

ITEM! Singy-songy teen anti-bullying commercial Glee was shaky for a while - some on the internet even speculated they might not renew it after season four. And then, as ever, Glee took us by surprise and got renewed for a fifth and sixth year at once. Bloody hell. Fortunately, we've checked in with the fourth season so far just the other day.

Oh, and self-styled Glee For Adults non-porn musical show Smash is cancelled after its second season. A shame if only because it employed a few interesting actors.

ITEM! Over in cult sitcom land, both Parks And Recreation and Community are returning next year - although some say Community might be back for the last time. But then again, they say that every time with that show. And as we already reported a while back, never-ending anecdotal dating institution How I Met Your Mother actually will be concluding next year, with a crazy ninth season. The Big Bang Theory continues, obviously.

ITEM! It was never in huge doubt, but: Once Upon A Time, the panto version of Lost, will get a third season. But not only that, people love it so much, it's getting a spin-off, entitled Once Upon A Time In Wonderland - this will focus on the Wonderland section of the universe, but the only existing character from there - The Mad Hatter - won't be in it, as Sebastian Stan wasn't available. Bummer. However, Tom from Being Human (Michael Socha) willl be appearing as the Knave Of Hearts, so it's not all bad news. Looks like the spin-off may not be an ongoing proposition, just a short mini-series to fill a gap in new Once Upon A Time episodes.

ITEM! Not all the culty sitcoms are winning - Matthew Perry vehicle Go On has been axed. The poor guy really can't get a break on TV nowadays, can he? Shame, he was genuinely very good in Studio 60, even if that show had other problems. Love to see him find a post-Frends gig that worked out. Happy Endings also cancelled, although apparently the studio want to bring it back if they can.

ITEM! Gwaine from Merlin, aka Eoin Macken, seems to have landed on his feet after that show ended, securing a new gig in an NBC medical drama called Night Shift. In other uK-US crossover news, Us And Them is an American verison of hit BBC comedy Gavin And Stacey, starring Jason Ritter (Parenthood) and Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls).

Those were the items that jumped out - there might be more births, deaths and survivals to be announced soon, we'll let you know if anything else seems interesting. As ever, TV Line have a full renewal scorecard if you want to check for news on your favourite US series.

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