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Two and a Half Men 2.0 News

Two and a half men is a US sitcom shown on the CBS network since 2003. Ranked amongst the top twenty shows each season it's aired, Two and a half men is due a reboot. As Charlie Sheen has left. You may have read something aboutthis back in March this year.

The new season has recently begun production and it's already been confirmed Ashton Kutcher (Mr Demi Moore) would replace Charlie Sheen at the top of the cast list. What hasn't been made clear is exactly how.

Deadline has the scoop - episode one will see Charlie's character's funeral and a parade of (as yet unnamed) stars will look to buy his house.

Myself I haven't seen the show but I did follow the furore surrounding Charlie Sheen's future on the show and am eager to see how this enforced change affects the show in terms of equity and quality.

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