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True Blood: Season Six on DVD & Blu-ray in June

As a precursor to the upcoming final season of True Blood the sixth season will be available to own on DVD, blu-ray, download or watch instantly on 2nd June. The ten episodes bring a host of new characters to Louisiana, including the ever watchable Rutger Hauer.

As always there are special features, including:

5 Audio Commentaries
Inside the Episode, 10 clips (RT: 2mins each, approx)
Season 5 Recap (RT: 2mins)

Previews (RT: 1min each, approx)
Recaps (RT: 1min each, approx)
True Bloodlines [English only]
Vamp Camp Files - includes 7 video clips (RT: 2-4mins each, approx) + 5 audio clips (RT: 2-3mins each, approx) (English Only)
Inside the Episode, 10 clips (RT: 5mins each, approx.)

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