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Torchwood Make A Show Of Themselves

Following the success of their Doctor Who Up Close exhibition, it's been announced that Experience Design are making plans to launch a similar project centred around Torchwood. The company's Head Designer Martin Wilkie has announced that plans are already in an advanced stage of development, and will give visitors the opportunity to walk round and interact with a two-storey recreation of the Hub, Torchwood's base of operations.

Although a location has yet to be formally decided, it's thought that an abandoned office building in Bute Crescent, at the heart of Cardiff's Bay area, is the favoured site. Guests could enter via a recreation of the water sculpture lift characters use in the show to gain access to their base, and explore every nook and cranny from the show's set, including Captain Jack's office and Ianto's work station. Braver visitors will get to encounter a real life Weevil as well as check out various props and costumes from the series, and even, in what sounds a rather grisly idea, recreate Tosh's death scene in the autopsy room. Nice. Unsurprisingly, there are also murmurs that exhibits will include " a giant monster" from the upcoming five parter Children of Earth but they're keeping quiet about that at the moment.

Experience Design hope to have the attraction open by the summer holidays. For further information, check out news reports here and here.

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