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The X Files Returning To Television?

The return of 24 in 2014 was a big success with Live Another Day touted as one of the show's best seasons yet. Now Fox is mulling over more 24 in 2016, with or without Kiefer Sutherland it seems. But that isn't the news that has fans excited; Fox are also looking at the possibility of bringing The X Files back to our TV screens too.

Series creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been talking about a third X Files movie for years now and while 2012 has passed (the date of the apocalyptic alien invasion alluded to in the series finale The Truth) that story line remains unfinished. As good as a film would be, neither cinematic X Files set the world alight, particularly the second movie which deviated from the mythology almost entirely.

A TV series - perhaps a limited run like the recent 24 - would be a perfect way to revisit the iconic Mulder and Scully and bring that closure fans have been searching for for years. Now according to Fox TV Head Dana Walden The X Files return is a distinct possibility, with discussions apparently already underway.

It is an exciting prospect. Despite how it tailed off towards the end, the world's passion for the show has not gone away. New Twin Peaks AND new X Files? We might be living in a TV golden age after all.

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