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The Walking Dead Season Five To End With A Feature Length Finale

The Walking Dead has had another eventful year. It began with the cannibal holocaust at Terminus, took a shocking detour back to Atlanta, teased the hope of a cure only to tear it away and shocked the audience with more tragic character deaths. Now with just five more episodes remaining, audiences are finally getting their first look at the Alexandria safe zone story arc.

But this season looks set to end with some dramatic zombie action in a longer than usual episode; audiences will be treated to a 90-minute finale. Rumours suggest things get increasingly difficult for Daryl; our money is that the show won't kill him off but a show as bloodthirsty as The Walking Dead is surely not going to end the season without killing off another main character or two.

There is still a month to go before season five ends. In the meantime, check out our weekly episode reviews from the Digital Fix's own Max Mazonowicz.

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