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The theme of American Horror Story season 7 will be the US election

We've had covens, terrifying asylums, killer hotels and Roanoke nightmares, but the next season of American Horror Story is taking inspiration from something far more scary. Yes, the theme to season seven will be the US election itself.

Talking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy teased some details about the next season.

"I don't have a title, but the season that we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just went through. I think that will be interesting for a lot of people."

When asked if there will be a character based on Donald Trump, Murphy replied with "Uh, maybe."

American Horror Story was recently renewed for seasons eight and nine, meaning the show will be around for some time yet. Though how they'll be able top anything as terrifying as the upcoming season seven remains a challenge for another day...

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