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The Survival of The Simpsons

Did you ever doubt it? The Simpsons lives on for another day. Speculation was rife about the future of the highly popular cartoon when the actors were told that they would have to take a rather large pay cut. It was reported that the cast was to have a 45% pay cut. However, this may not be as severe as once thought.

The cast offered to take a 30% pay cut in their $8 million-a-year salaries but also wanted a share in the profits of overseas sales, syndication and merchandise. Harry Shearer, who plays characters such as Montgomery Burns, Ned Flanders and Smithers, said that:

“The Fox people said [there were] simply no circumstances under which the network would consider allowing me or any of the actors to share in the show's success.”


Speculation began when Fox said it could not continue to keep making The Simpsons under the current contracts. They threatened to pull the show if the actors could not agree with their terms. It seems the actors have obeyed their lords and masters at Fox.

Producer James L. Brooks said on Twitter: “Am crying animated tears of joy (which actually taste pretty good).”

Fox have officially announced that the show will continue for its 24th and 25th series (or season, for our American chums). This means that we will see new Simpsons for the next two years. Recently, fans have criticised the show by saying it is not the same as it once was. One thing is for certain, we will be hearing the cry of "D'oh!" for another two years regardless of criticisms.


I also bet that some of the Fox executives are wiping sweat from their brow. There has been talks regarding a move to dedicate an entire TV channel to The Simpsons. I imagine it will be something similar to E4 and Friends. If it has survived contract talks, will it survive overexposure?

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