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The Return of the Fast Show

Unlucky Alf? Chip Cobb, the deaf stuntman? Anyone fancy a pint? Ooooo, suits you, Sir? I'll get me coat? Any of these ringing a bell? If so, you'll probably be delighted to know that The Fast Show is coming back for a new series.

After 11 years of being off our screens, it's returning as a new series of online shorts for Foster's larger.

Mark Williams is sadly not returning for the new series but the rest of the original cast all are, as are Caroline Aherne, John Thompson, Arabella Weir and Simon Day.

And co-creator of the show, Charlie Higson, has revealed that they'll be sticking to old favourites rather than making any new characters


The first episode of the new Fast Show series will debut at on Monday 14 November.

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