The Orville Season Two Trailer

The Orville will be making its return in December 30th in the US (and presumably the UK in early 2019). But while there is still a bit of a wait for the second season, we do have a great little trailer, courtesy of this year's San Diego Comic Con.

What is clear from the trailer is the confidence of the second season, capturing the surprisingly amount of heart from season one with a healthy dash of humour too. What originally looked like a Star Trek spoof, emerged as something more akin to Star Trek: The Next Generation (which we reflected on in our season one review here).

That confidence is something the show's creator and lead star Seth Macfarlane also addressed at The Orville panel at SDCC, stating that the debut run was 'misrepresented’ by Fox and promising that season two is what ‘was always intended.’

“I think what you’re going to see in Season 2 is a show that’s even more comfortable in its footing in terms of existing in that goldilocks zone. Every episode feels like a movie, and I think you’re going to dig it.”

“This show was a tonal experiment of sorts. Comedy and sci-fi when you blend them together, they don’t always mix well. In features they do, but television is kind of hard to sustain. The pleasant surprise for me was that fans and viewers were willing to let us tell a story. They weren’t waiting for the next joke to come.

“Initially, I think the show was a little misrepresented. It was marketed as a comedy… I’m not sure why. Maybe there was a worry this was so new and weird and different it wouldn’t land."

Executive producer and Star Trek: The next generation alum Brannon Braga added:
“The experiment was a success. The storytelling is even more assertive and bold [in Season 2], and there’s some really daring narrative stuff that happens.”

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