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The Only Way is...Liverpool?

We've had The Only Way is Essex. We've had Made in Chelsea. So it must make sense to progress to...well, erm...Liverpool. E4 is heading to the land of the Liverpudlians for its new show, Desperate Scousewives.

The series will follow the next generation of scousers determined to show the UK who they are and what they are made of. Following a format to its predecessors, Desperate Scousewives shows the lasses of Liverpool attempt to stand out from the crowd with the lads trying to woo them.


E4 have revealed:

"In a world revolving around football, fierce fashion, and famed for 'the Wag look', Scouse boys and girls are all about having a 'boss' night out on town."

Sound familiar? Mal Young, the executive producer of the new series whose credits include Brookside, Holby City, Casualty and Doctor Who, has denied that it is attempting to be like the constructed reality shows of the past:

"We want to get much closer to the real characters' lives and see them in real and natural situations.

At the centre of the series are 16 very real people aged between 20 and 30, all living and working in Liverpool. They share one thing in common: they all have strong and very clear aspirations."


Desperate Scousewives starts on E4 from Monday 28th November at 10pm. More information about the show, its characters and an interview with Mal Young is here

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