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The Office Revisited - Videos + Brief Review!

Last night, for Comic Relief, Ricky Gervais revisited The Office with the aptly titled The Office Revisited!

I've only recently watched the original show myself, for my epic Derek comparison, so I was interested to check this out. Watch the video below, then meet me underneath for brief opinions.

Admittedly, Brent only got a faint whisper of a happy ending in the Office finale anyway, with his potential healthy relationship, but looks like that's off the menu. Humiliation and thinly veiled sadness once again the order of the day, and there are a few effective moments there.

It's hard to really review this as an independent piece - it's a ten minute bonus for fans, on its own it feels a bit unnecessary, although perhaps it's the start of a longer Brent continuation. Based on how sappy Derek often was, I'm not sure Gervais is the type to leave his most popular creation drowning in unhappiness.

And now, an encore: the music video for Equality Street...

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