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The Mastermind Mentalist Derren Brown Returns

As revealed yesterday, psychological illusionist Derren Brown is returning to our screens with a new series called Derren Brown: The Experiments. It starts on Friday October 21st at 9pm on C4.

Today, on his blog, the first episode was revealed as The Assassin. Immediately one starts to wonder and worry. Especially when you signed up for a show via e-mail a while back. In this show, Derren will investigate hypnosis and asks if someone could be hypnotised into a killing a celebrity. Is this really possible? And who will be the celebrity? Personally, I'm hoping it will be Piers Morgan. If it is Piers Morgan, I hope it goes wrong.


As usual, Derren Brown uses magic, illusion, suggestion and thought-provoking entertainment combined with tried and tested psychological experiments to illustrate how easily our behaviour can be manipulated. Admittedly, this is a man who I would love to meet but I fear he may get me to pay his drinks bill...twice.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information regarding The Experiments and presenting it to you. However, if I write "quack" fifty-five times with a picture of me dressed as Elvis, he has already got to me.

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