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The Last Resort

The Last Resort is a newly greenlit series from the creator of The Shield Shawn Ryan and writer Karl Gajdusek. The show will air on ABC in the US, and is being produced by Sony pictures. No word yet on a UK broadcaster. What's it all about then?

Set in the future, the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine ignore an order to shoot their payload. After escaping to a NATO outpost they declare themselves the world's newest nation. A nation which happens to be in possession of 24 nuclear warheads.

The show will look to describe the society which forms from this beginning, the fugitives within that community and the impact and effect of what they've done on the populous.

This sounds really rather tasty. No air date yet - the series only got the go-ahead late last week. Expect to see this one promoted heavily when it does appear.

Check-out Deadline's exclusive on the show here.

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