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The Force is strong with Netflix

With the hype machine for Star Wars: Episode VII in full force its no surprise that we're still getting daily rumours about what comes next and the latest is that Netflix are either very close to signing (or already have) a deal with Disney to create three spin-off TV shows.

The original rumour comes from Cinelinx who previously suggested a live action show was in the works. There have been other rumours that there may be an Obi-wan Kenobi series or film starring Ewan McGregor in the works somewhere too. Could the two be linked?

We've been digging and have a little bit more to add - while scheduling hasn't been completely confirmed yet, its very likely that the first spin-off series will hit the streaming network in LATE 2016 and may even tie in to the Rogue One plot in some way; acting as a kind of prequel to the cinematic event. After that, Episode VIII hits cinemas in MAY 2017 and the second spin-off series is thought to follow that with a November/December 2017 timeframe being hinted at right now. After that it's pure guesswork, but our money would be on a similar timeframe for the final spin-off series; so late 2018 and that would lead nicely into the 2019 cinematic outing for Episode IX.

One thing - with all of the already announced Star Wars films and TV series it's going to be a busy five years. Add these new Netflix shows into the mix and we're getting close to Marvel levels of saturation - if anyone can do it, Disney can.

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