The First Trailer for Good Omens Has Arrived!

Introducing best friends Crowley and Aziraphale…

Amazon  have just released the first trailer for Good Omens, the TV series based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s book that is being produced in conjunction with the BBC. It features an impressive cast including David Tennant as demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as angel Aziraphale, who reunite as old friends on the approach of Armageddon.

Here’s the official synopsis too.

“Based on the best-selling novel by renowned authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, this series follows the story of Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon, who have formed an unlikely friendship spanning 6,000 years and have grown fond of life on earth. However, the end of time grows near with the approaching Armageddon and they must now join forces to find a way to save the world.”

Good Omens will stream on Amazon Prime in 2019. Gaiman recently signed an exclusive deal with Amazon Studios following his work with them on the adaptation. Along with the upcoming American GodsGood Omens is the next in hopefully a long line of terrific Neil Gaiman adaptations to come.





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Updated: Oct 06, 2018

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