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The BBC gives its Doctor Who fans cause to Weep

Last night's Doctor Who is generating some criticism from its viewers, but it's not the episode itself which is causing the problem. No, it's the BBC's decision to mar the end of the episode with a superfluous on screen graphic which has caused annoyance.

This being a two part episode, the ending of part one naturally culminates in a cliff hanger. Just as all is looking lost with the the gang surrounded by all those creepy Weeping Angels; the Doctor has an idea to get them out of the situation and makes a rousing speech to build the tension of the scene to a climax and let those dastardly Angels know just what they are in for next week. However just when Matt Smith hits his stride with Moffat's great dialogue, the viewer is treated to this.

Yes, an animated Graham Norton merrily walks across Matt Smith's face to inform us that a highly publicised show, "Over the Rainbow" is about to start on this channel. For those viewers of the BBC HD channel, or those in Scotland, who did not get this treatment, there is a youtube video below.

If you are not happy with this kind of American style, overlay advertising, creeping on to our UK screens; there's the BBC complaints department, who say they will be happy to hear what you have to say. Let's hope take notice.

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