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Superman To Return Sooner Than Expected

Warner Brothers have let slip some details about their forthcoming plans for future DC films. We know that both the third Chris Nolan-directed Batman and another new version of Superman, also under the guidance of Nolan, are on the cards, but development could be further along than was previously realised. A new deal between the studio and IMAX concerning up to 20 films has just been released, and included among the expected likes of The Hobbit and the last Harry Potters one "Superman" is listed. Website went digging and has discovered that the partners are aiming at a one-two sucker punch in 2012, with Batman 3 coming in the Summer of that year and Superman the winter. If true, this would seem to confirm finally the fact that Nolan has no intention of directing the latter.

Furthermore, although Nolan has always insisted that his Batman does not exist in the same universe as any other superheroes (unlike nearly all the characters over at Marvel), it seems others have a slightly different viewpoint. It's very possible that this year's Green Lantern film, directed by Martin Campbell, will include references to Batman and/or Gotham City, and furthermore that internally the studio are thinking along the lines that both that film and the new Superman could, after all, be set, at least unofficially, in the same world. All eyes will be on The Avengers movie to see how well that works, but don't for a moment be surprised if we start hearing rumbles that a Justice League film might not be as far-fetched an idea as has always been assumed...

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