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Supercreeps - A new mockumentary comedy web series from Wildseed Comedy

Camden's Dublin Castle pub, one of the capital's most-loved music venues, which gave Madness their first break and saw Amy Winehouse perform regularly (and occasionally help to serve drinks to customers) is the subject of a new mockumentary comedy web series.

Supercreeps is produced by Wildseed Comedy, dedicated to providing viewers with premium, original shows featuring the best new UK comedy talent. The show follows the journey of three misfits, Kyle, Craig and Cassie, whose attempt to run a failing music venue results in a hilarious sequence of events with one ambitious idea to save it - get David Bowie to play there.

Check out the trailer here...

Supercreeps’ protagonist Kyle is the optimistic club owner who lacks the artfulness (and any knowledge about music promotion) to cope with the oddities of the modern world let alone the music industry. Craig is a former member of a minor band whose high expectations are inversely proportionate to his low aspirations. And Cassie joins Kyle and Craig from a successful rival venue and becomes the driving force behind the club.

Things couldn’t be any worse. Despite the venue spiralling into debt and the landlord issuing a final demand for rent, Kyle and Craig decide to blow their entire budget on the PA system – despite having secured a band to play. None of this helps given that Craig would rather spend time having fame-induced wet dreams than actually thinking about the implications of his behaviour.

In a miraculous attempt to turnaround their luck the boys leverage Craig’s celebrity contacts and embark on a fanciful journey to hire Bowie to play. Will they succeed? You decide. Well, sort of. The show’s creators are encouraging Bowie and Supercreeps fans to sign an online petition to get Bowie playing at the club for real.
Despite the club spiralling into debt, their first evening ends unbelievably with actual paying punters and the promise of a cameo appearance from London-based four-piece band Cymbals. Will the band turn up? And will Kyle, Craig and Cassie’s aspirations to run a successful music club finally be realised?

Intrigued? Well here is episode one for your viewing pleasure!

Founded in 2014 by Miles Bullough & Jesse Cleverly, Wildseed Comedy aims to become the home of new online comedy in the UK. Our mission is to help bring fresh comedy projects to life through nurturing, developing and financing talent. We are dedicated to providing viewers with premium, original, scripted shows featuring the best new UK comedy talent, with a new series launching every month.

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