Suits renewed for ninth and final season

The end is near for Harvey Spector and co.

Legal drama Suits has been renewed for a ninth and final season by the USA Network. The show returned this weel for the start of its final six episode season eight run, with the latest new episode available on Netflix here in the UK.

Despite the changes of the core cast following the departure of Patrick J Adam’s and Meghan Markle at the end of season seven, it seems a 10-episode final ninth season was always the plan. Talking to Deadline, series creator Aaron Korsh shares some details about when he planned to end the series.

“Right after we finished shooting season 6, I went to USA. At that time we only had the cast under contract until the end of season 7. We had to figure out what to do, and we weren’t 100 percent sure what the cast wanted to do.


“We’d lost Gina and we came up with a plan to extend the cast for two more years beyond season 7 to seasons 8 and 9. The goal was to have a 16-episode season 8 and a 10-episode season 9.


“During the course of season 7, as they were negotiating the cast’s contracts for two years, an unforeseen thing happened. You can never know that one of your stars is going to marry the Prince of England, and Patrick decided not to return, so we had a choice whether to keep going after season 7. We decided that the original plan was a 16-episode season 8 and a 10-episode season 9, let’s see if we can do that.

“And dovetailing with that, Katherine Heigl called and she wanted to be involved in the show, and we thought it was a perfect way to help extend the franchise and make it to that end of season 9.”


Korsh also offered soke details about plans for the final 10 episides, what is to come at the end of season eight and potential character returns.


Obviously, it is going to be a balance. I don’t want to spend the entire season on reminiscing but also I don’t want to spend none of the season bringing back old favorites so we’re trying to formulate what the balance is going to be.


“Even in this back six (of Season 8) we have a balance of new and old, with Scottie returning and Hardman returning and Cahill makes an appearance. It’s always been in the lexicon of Suits to bring people back and that’s because I think that’s how life works. People come in and out of your life so we’ve always had a mix of new and old and I think we will continue with that hopefully in a satisfying way.


Suits seasons one to eight are available on  Netflix, with new episodes weekly.

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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

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