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Steven Moffat On When The Sherlock Special Will Air "It's probably Christmas-ish,"

The rule of Sherlock is certainly quality over quantity, so the anticipation for the 2015 special - set in Victorian London - is understandably high. Series creator Steven Moffat had a lot to say about the upcoming episode during a recent summer TCA Press Tour. When asked when fans might get to witness the special, Moffat answered "It's probably Christmas-ish. We don’t actually know. We’re not making this up.

Given co-creator Mark Gatiss's previous comments that it was a Christmas special and the rumour that the special will be an adaptation of the festive The Blue Carbuncle, a December broadcast would seem likely. Perhaps as a double bill with Moffat's other show Doctor might have heard of that one.

During the Q&A session, Moffat was asked why he and Gatiss decided on the traditional Sherlock Holmes setting. "Just because we can, really," he replied. "Mark [Gatiss] and I were having a fun day on set because he was doing some second unit shooting with some evil monks. It was the prequel, and because I think we found an old prop that was on the original Titus, so we were having a geek day. Gosh, what a surprise. And then we just thought 'could we ever just do maybe one scene or some dream sequel or something?' And then we just thought, you know, 'why don't we just do it? Why don't we just do a Victorian one?'"

There will unlikely be an explanation for the change of historical setting either. Moffat added that they never bothered to explain what we were doing in modern day London, so they wouldn't bother explaining what they're doing in Victorian London either, particularly when 'that's where [Sherlock and Watson] are supposed to be'. The usual Moffat non-answer answer? Perhaps, but on this one we'd be advised to along with the fun of it all.

Moffat was also asked if there would be a change in the characters given the change of setting. "[Sherlock] has the manners of the Victorian gentleman, which he doesn't have in the modern version." Moffat replied. "So he is a lot less brattish when he's back then. And Dr. Watson is a bit more upright. They're the same people, seen through the prism of a different time and fitting in to a different society. I would say this Sherlock is a little more polished, and he operates like a Victorian gentleman instead of a posh, rude man, which he does in the modern too."

Fans can get their first glimpse of the 'Victorian' Sherlock and Holmes in this clip released a couple of weeks ago on the back of Comic-Con.

Asked if the Victorian setting would find its way into season four in 2016, Moffat confirmed that "really, this is a one‑off. Unless we go mad and decide on setting it in the 1940s and have them fight Hitler. Nothing is inconceivable if you have no taste. But, no, we go back to doing the show normally next year, unless I'm lying or we change our minds."

Sherlock will be back...some time this year...

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