Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will NOT feature Kirk as a recurring character

Despite earlier rumours it is now our understanding that James Kirk will NOT be a character in the upcoming Star Trek prequel series, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Previously it had been reported that Jake Cannavale had been reading for the role but this had left many fans concerned that the character appearing on the show would not fit with established canon.

While Kirk eventually goes on to captain the Enterprise following the tragic accident that befalls Captain Pike, at the time Strange New Worlds is set the character is canonically serving aboard the USS Farragut under a different captain. It would be a stretch for Kirk to appear in the series in anything other than a passing cameo.

In related news production of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is expected to ramp up as the Covid crisis subsides and CBS are aiming to launch the show in the US market in late 2021 with the plan for it to become part of a rotation of shows that includes initially Star Trek: Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks. 

Work on the proposed Section 31 show remains postponed however it may be back on the cards – Michelle Yeoh remains part of the Discovery cast for Season 3 of that show but it would seem that it hasn’t been cancelled and that a pilot is still being developed and could shoot in early 2021. Talks are under way to confirm Star Trek Picard for a third and potentially final season with the hope of having a defined arc that runs through the remaining two years.

There are also two further shows in the works – Star Trek: Prodigy – which will be a Nickelodeon animation aimed at kids and one final unannounced series which we believe will be revealed next year to fill the void that will be left following the conclusion of the Star Trek: Picard story.

Star Trek: Lower Decks starts today on CBS All Access in the US. As yet there are no confirmed plans for it to air in the UK but we’ll be keeping an eye out for an announcement soon. Star Trek: Discovery will return for its third season on 15th October 2015 on CBS All Access in the US and on Netflix worldwide.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Aug 06, 2020

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