Star Trek: Picard a ’10 hour movie’

Patrick Stewart hints at more seasons to follow too…

With Star Trek: Picard setbto debut on the 24th January on Amazon Prime here in the UK, anticipation is very high for the return of the captain of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The recent trailers have teased a very different story for Picard; while there are some familiar – and surprising – faces returning for the series, this is far from a direct continuation of the story left by 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis.

Picard himself, Patrick Stewart, has been chatting to Yahoo Entertainment about Star Trek: Picard, and has revealed some hints about what the new show will entail and how it will feel like a ’10-hour movie’. Surprisingly, it’s a show that almost didn’t happen, with Stewart very hesitant about reprising the role in a superfluous or jokey fashion, for respect for his time on the show and subsequent movies.

“I agreed to a meeting with the people who were going to produce this new version of Star Trek only because I wanted to seriously and respectfully explain to them why I was turning the project down. I heard just enough to realize this was something very unusual, and I was intrigued. What I was afraid of was … this was going to be jokey, and I didn’t want to do that.’ I asked a lot of questions and the answers were all very satisfying.”

Stewart spent three weeks in the writer’s room on Star Trek: Picard and is very excited for the show and what it enables him as an actor. He also confirmed that the plan is for more seasons to follow.

Star Trek: Picard will deal with the fallout of the destruction of the Romulan Empire shown briefly in 2009 reboot movie Star Trek.

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Updated: Dec 02, 2019

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