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Spooks to end

Series 10 of Spooks will be the series last. The show's producers Kudos have taken the decision to bring the Spooks storylines to an end with the climax of the series tenth year on our screens.

Making it clear the series isn't cancelled, Kudos are keen to point out that this was a decision taken by the production company to 'end the show in it's prime' and it wasn't forced on them by the BBC as part of their own cost-cutting measures.

Series 10 is expected to shift focus to the final remaining original character Harry Pearce (played by Peter Firth) and will delve more into his mysterious back-story. There is speculation that this will allow previously departed cast members to return during the final episodes.

Kudos chief executive and Spooks executive producer Jane Featherstone told The Guardian "I feel very sad about it. It was a very difficult decision to make. But we didn't want to get to the point where the BBC said we don't really want another one, we wanted to kill it off in its prime."

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