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Sky to show Intelligence and Silicon Valley

More new acquisitions for Sky's growing drama roster. First up is CBS' mid season replacement show Intelligence. It stars Josh Holloway as a spy with cyborg implants that allow him to see the world and access data and information in his view, you know like those Google glasses. This strapping former marine of course needs a bodyguard and the programme makers decide that Meghan Ory fits the bill (Red Riding Hood from Once Upon a Time). Marg Helgenberger is the boss and mainly the Chinese are the baddies. It's an interesting purchase as the show has not done that well and recently was not announced when CBS named the programmes it is renewing for next season. imageMore promising sounding is a new HBO comedy-drama produced by Mike "Beavis and Butthead" Judge. Set in the Californian start-up tech industry, it's an ensemble piece and being promoted as Entourage with nerds...

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