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Showtime renews Homeland for THREE more seasons

We'll be seeing a lot more of Claire Daines' Carrie Mathison; it is looking likely that Homeland has been renewed for three more seasons by Showtime. Deadline have reported that seasons seven and eight are due to be announced on top of the already confirmed season six, which will air in the US in January, rather than the usual October slot (and we assume Channel 4 shortly after).

Furthermore, Deadline have provided the following synopsis for the US-based sixth season...

"After she thwarted a terrorist attack in Berlin, season six picks up several months later and finds Carrie Mathison (Danes) back on American soil, living in Brooklyn, NY. She has begun working at a foundation whose efforts are to provide aid to Muslims living in the United States. Season six will tackle the after effects of the U.S. presidential election, with the entire season taking place between election day and the inauguration. It’s a strange, transitional time in the halls of government filled with anxiety and different competing interests, where a very fragile and complex transfer of power takes place between the outgoing president and the incoming president-elect."" - Showtime

The first seasons of Homeland can be found on Netflix here

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