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Scream TV series gets its first trailer and logo

Just as TV shows make it on to the big screen so are there films translating to television. Some make sense, others are ridiculous. Then there is the Scream TV series, a premise so odd even the new trailer pokes fun at it.

“You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series,” the kid in the trailer jokes. Yet MTV are doing it. Judging by the trailer below, there does seem to be a certain amount of post-modern self awareness that the films had, suggesting the show will be more than just 90210 with gruesome murders.

Wes Craven is on board as executive producer so there is hope. Perhaps judgement should be reserved until the show airs. It will either be an act of brilliance or a bloodbath for all the wrong reasons. We can't imagine it sitting anywhere inbetween.

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