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Sarah Chalke comedy?

Sarah Chalke is probably best known these days as Dr. Elliot Reid from the wonderful Scrubs (also starring Zach Braff). Slightly older readers may remember her from Roseanne, when she turned up one day as the titular character's daughter, Becky, despite that character being played by a completely different person up until then!

Anyway, since Scrubs Sarah has been seen in How I met Your Mother & Mad Love but as of 2012 we'll hopefully see her in her own vehicle.

She's signed a contract with 20th Century Fox which will allow her to work with various creatives and develop a concept which can become a (hopefully) successful half-hour comedy. This would be the first time Chalke has been involved right from the start, rather than being cast to fill a role. It should be noted Fox will keep an eye open for existing roles for her to slide into as well, making full use of any deal they have with the lady likened to Lucille Ball by Fox's Chairman, Gary Newman. Some praise, indeed.


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