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Rebecca Front Reunites With Peter Capaldi For Doctor Who Season Nine

Rebecca Front has become the latest of Peter Capaldi's The Thick Of It co-stars to join him on Doctor Who. The actress, who also played Jenna Coleman's mother in Death Comes to Pemberley, will be onboard for episodes seven and eight, written by Kill The Moon's Peter Harness.

There is no word on what role she will be playing, but it will certainly involve the returning Zygons and UNIT's Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and Ingrid Oliver's previously deceased Osgood. No word yet on how she is back; a prequel to Death In Heaven, her Zygon counterpart from Day Of The Doctor or something altogether more timey wimey?

Front is the latest guest star, alongside Maisie Williams Rufus Hound, Paul Kaye, Jaye Griffiths and Michelle Gomez's Missy. With a complete change of pace and multiple two-parters, series nine is shaping up to be one hell of series.

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