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Promotional Feature: Jackpotjoy Fighting Poverty, Kung Fu Style

This year’s Comic Relief is going all out to best itself, karate chopping and round-housing its way to raising millions of pounds for charities both in the UK and across the world. Things have taken an eastern twist for the 25th anniversary telethon, with organizers lobbing a surprising – and very British - addition into the annals of great Kung Fu stars.

Cheeky ex-Eastender Babs Windsor is getting up to a right old carry-on in a new ad for Jackpotjoy’s Red Nose Day bingo. She may be a 75-year old National Treasure, but Bab’s isn’t short of a move or two, fending off a clutch of villainous would-be red nose thiefs in a warehouse. Probably somewhere in E20. Armed only with lightning moves and some judicious editing, the recently-anointed Queen of Bingo chops her way out of trouble and back into the nation’s hearts where she belongs.

It’s not the first time ‘er Majesty has proved such a good sport for Comic Relief. She encouraged the public to ‘do sumfink funny fer munny’ in 2011 by throwing a pie in the face of Larry Lamb, her soap co-star. But we think this year’s ad tops even that spectacular moment for sheer hilarity, and the fact that all proceeds from Jackpotjoy Bingo’s Red Nose Day game goes to Comic Relief only makes our smiles wider.

It earns extra brownie (or reddie?) points for eschewing the traditional go-to soundtrack for comedic representations of the martial arts. Carl Douglas’ 1974 hit ‘Kung Fu Fighting’, replete with the now-dubious quotation of a standard Oriental riff, regularly added television royalties to its eleven million sales, and was used as recently as 2011 by Comic Relief. That hardened cynic, comic and writer Marcus Brigstocke, dropped his stock-in-trade nihilism for two glorious minutes during the Let’s Dance series of people-you-don’t-usually-see-dancing-dance cultural phenomenon that has haunted the schedules for the past few years. If you’re wondering whether it’s ‘ok’ to dress as a stereotypical Asian person, just be thankful the make-up department didn’t opt to send him out there as Douglas…

At least the BBC secured the rights to the song, unlike this poor chap, who’s only trying to do his bit for charity by dressing as stereotypical Stormtrooper person and pulling some serious moves that come close to rivalling even those of the Queen of Bingo. The audioless clip leaves you with two options. Dust off the box of singles in the loft marked ‘Seventies Pap’, or simply enjoy sans sound, grateful in the knowledge that you won’t take until next year’s Red Nose Day to exorcize the annoying little earworm from your grey matter.

There’s always a third option. You can style some moves after Jackpotjoy’s pint-sized star, don a bathrobe and joke shop moustache, film yourself Kung Fu Fighting to the strains of a one-hit wonder from the decade that cultural relations forgot, upload it to YouTube and sit back and wait for the cease-and-desists. Happy Red Nose Day!

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