Peter Davison's Doctor is the next to get the Blu-ray treatment

Following the well received Blu-ray release of the Tom Baker staring Doctor Who: Season 12, the BBC have announced their next bumper edition will be the Peter Davison led Season 19 featuring seven stories spread over 26 episodes.

The new set will retail for £54.99 and will be available from 19th November. Pre-orders open today.

The collection will feature Davison's first adventures as The Doctor - Castrovalva', 'Four To Doomsday', 'Kinda', 'The Visitation', 'Black Orchid', 'Earthshock' and 'Time-Flight'. He's joined by his companions Tegan (Janet Fielding), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and Adric (Matthew Waterhouse).

Among his adversaries during this season are The Master (Anthony Ainley), the Cybermen and more. All 26 episodes are being remastered in HD and the set will feature both a new booklet on Davison's debut season along with five new making-of documentaries, an extended version of 'Black Orchid' part one, rare behind-the-scenes studio footage, updated special effects for 'Castrovalva', and a newly-shot one-hour interview with Peter Davison. In addition, the set will also include the David Tennant short, Time Crash, which saw Davison's Doctor meet up with his future self.

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