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Penny Dreadful to end with season three

Penny Dreadful will not be returning for a fourth season. The supernatural Showtime TV series ended its run in the US this Sunday with a dramatic ending and according to the show's creator John Logan ending the show after three seasons had been on the cards since production on the second series two years ago.

Logan wanted to end the show on his terms - 27 episodes - rather than dragging it out for years. Showtime President David Nevins agreed.

"We don’t have to make seven seasons for the sake of making seven seasons. Some shows are built for that, and some shows aren’t." - Showtime

More details are available over at However, be warned, the article talks about huge events that have not taken part on the UK broadcast so there will be major spoilers.

In the meantime, check out Daniel Theophanous's latest review of season three episodes four, five and six here.

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