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Original Cast Member Returns For Minority Report TV Series

At the beginning of the year Fox ordered a pilot for a Minority Report TV show based on the 2002 movie starring Tom Cruise. Kevin Falls will serve as show runner alongside the original movie's director Stephen Spielberg. Now we have learned that one of the film's main stars will be reprising his role for the show.

Daniel London will return as Wally the pre-cog Caretaker who maintained the three precogs whose psychic abilities helped the Washington D.C. Pre-Crime Unit in stop crimes before they are ever committed. Li Jun Li has also joined the cast.

The TV shows takes place 10 years after the film and the pilot will focus on Wally helping a Precog called Dash establish a 'new identity' while assisting detective Lara Vega. This could a great sci-fi show; let's hope it doesn't follow suit on Fox's previous sci-fi detective show Almost Human that was tragically cancelled after one season.

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