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Oops - US Doctor Who Blu-rays sent out early!

We'd wager that there are more than a few angry faces over at the Doctor Who production team this morning as news came out over the weekend that the latest batch of Doctor Who Blu-rays arrived with US fans a couple of weeks early giving fans an early chance to see the final two episodes of the season - including next Saturday's finale, The Name of the Doctor.

Requests have been posted to the various Doctor Who social networking accounts asking fans who DO have the discs not to spoil the episode for others, but if you want any surprises on Saturday we'd suggest being VERY cautious about reading any sites that may publish spoilers. There is also a strong chance that the final episode will appear on various pirate sites before the weekend and also that a number of fakes will appear containing malware payloads so be very careful.

The Name of the Doctor rounds off the seventh series of Doctor Who and will be our last chance to see the show before the 50th Anniversary special starring both Matt Smith AND David Tennant arrives on our screens in November. Check out the trailer below...

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